Rayguns and Mayhem is the self-publishing brand for Chuck Regan's short story collections and other longer works.


Chimera Shakes: The Ontological Crisis of Jasper Hobbes

This Bizarro tale is part Naked Lunch, part Goodfellas.

Jasper Hobbes believes he is an assassin. He also believes demons were injected into his brain by the Illuminati, connecting him to the occult machinations of the Great Wyrm. Hospitalized once again for a psychotic break, Jasper is given an ultimatum—either continue his anti-psychotic drug therapy and accept what is real and what are delusions created by his disease, or be committed to a psychological hospital for the duration of his life.

In his struggle to avoid being pulled into a spiral of delusion, Jasper battles inhuman cosplayers, public transportation to the abyss, mind-scrambling arch-mage psychologists, and a little pink cyclops rat named Todd who is his caseworker.

And after he is bit by a werewolf, all the voices in Jasper's head try to help him decide whether or not that is real. The full moon is rising, and everything will become clear.



Rusty Blasters: Tales of the Apocalyptic Future

This collection of short and not-so-short stories include: a gritty space western, cyberpocalyptic horror, snarky synthetic intelligences, time traveling kung fu killers, death-race hotrods, zombie-killing clowns, and, yes, some rusty blasters.

Timejacked: The Rand Paradox

Chlör Byzantine's time travel vacation back to 1955 to confront Ayn Rand could destroy not only his internet celebrity status, but the universe itself.

The Ballad of Jeremy Diggitt

In this Science Fiction Western set on Mars, a man fights a powerful water baron for the survival of his family.

Radio Nowhere

A long-distance space trucker deals with micro meteorites, existential angst, the future of rock music, and the escalating price of Face-of-Mars plushies.

Timejacked: Side Effects May Vary

To test the efficacy of a 24th Century drug, a patient is sent back in time to the bloody trenches of World War I, where he learns that side effects may include a zombie outbreak.

Figment 13

The thirteenth full-synthetic mind-transfer has been a success, but this new intelligence reveals a chilling insight into the future of humankind.


After a year establishing a new colony on an alien planet, the landing craft goes to work, creating new machines for the new species that have evolved since the crew has been away.

The Last Mummer

The survivors of the zombie apocalypse have created a new racing sport—The Splat Rally. A professional driver facing the end of his career is overwhelmed by the undead, and a banjo-playing, zombie-killing clown is his only hope of survival.