Meteor Impact

Sanskrit for 'roaring of a storm,’ the Ghosa meteorite crashed into the Indian Ocean on October 15, 1890, suffusing the Earth with its esoteric radiation.


derogatory slang term for a deformed individual

A post-Wrack human suffering from what used to be termed Bonacon Syndrome or, more broadly accepted, Teratomorphs. This is a broad diagnosis which covers all patients emerging from their Wrack exhibiting malformations. Some patients are able to integrate into normal life by either hiding their deformity or undergoing reconstructive surgeries. A majority either voluntarily submit to assisted suicide, or remove themselves from public and retreat to specified areas designed for these populations. The Cauliffe Probabilites affect all post-Wrack patients the same: non-Super Humans and Teratomorphs alike have the same potential for super-normal power. Steps have been taken by the United States government to carefully track these disenfranchised populations.


the instinct for self-sacrifice which generates greater powers

In the most general of terms, ADM (Altruistic Duress Modifier) can be defined as a boost in powers required to complete a task, typically triggered by an urge to help another individual who is in distress or is in danger of being hurt. ADM is believed to be the key qualifier to rate the true nature of a hero, however difficult it may be to generate statistically relevent data.

"What motivates a hero to act?" has been the question driving those both for- and against the regulation and control of Stormkind. Studies are rife on this topic ranging from basic psychological personality patterns, upbringing, social status, childhood trauma, and emotional intelligence to more esoteric theories involving karma, spiritual guidance from the Invisible Realms, and the Causal Balance of the Universe.

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