The Story Thus Far

For Blood or Justice

After a hundred years of heroes, gods, and monsters tearing the world apart, governments resort to extreme measures in attempts to regain control. The year is 1982. U.S. President Kirkpatrick has instituted harsh penalties against unlicensed vigilantism, while secretly funding a program to create an army of super-powered agents. After newly-registered hero Scamp is arrested for murder, he must choose to either reveal his true identity and become a slave to the state, or cling to the fleeting hope of redemption.

All the Angels and Their Bloody Faces

Cassandra Flynn just wanted her life to be normal. She had managed to keep the voices in her head silent through all the prescription drugs and counseling, but after her mother died, the voices got worse. Now, Cassy can't be certain whether she is having a psychotic breakdown, or if the Goddess Zoa is actually helping her become a hero.

Black Luck Bingo

Bloodstock has firm evidence the government is behind the assassinations of all the world's psychics. The Fitzpatrick Administration believes the public would panic if they ever learned what all the psychics have been seeing—the end of the world. Bloodstock and his team have to convince all the other heroes to fight against this future, or the world will end in a war between Stormkind.

Untitled Episode 4

Ultus intervenes in the war with Russia, instigating backlash from powerful governments against all Stormkind. Visions of the Stormkind War overwhelm the surviving psychics, paralyzing key members of Nightguard.

Untitled Episode 5

Bloodstock's true history is revealed, but he's not ready to deal with his own destiny, much less the Hordes of Hell. Octal makes his move, enslaving millions of superheroes to his will.

The Stormkind War

As the war of superheroes reaches a devastating climax, the planet is defenseless against an alien battlefleet. The world is truly doomed unless all the surviving Stormkind embrace the true definition of hero.