Alan Grant--

"First thoughts: it's a long time since I've been so impressed with a first issue of any comic. I'm really taken with the mix of artwork and design. It's original, it's different, and it looks great. You don't say if it's to be in colour or black-and-white, but either way I don't think it matters too much because it just looks so damned good! As long as it's wrapped in a same-style colour cover, I think people will pick it up. Insist that your printer gives you the high production values you deserve - this is one comic that must not be printed on cheap throwaway paper.

Story-wise, you tell us all we need to know then invite us to dive straight in. Cutting between dialog and those beautiful explanatory captions works well, and adds to the impression that what we're reading has genuine "historical" significance. The characters are intriguing, more so because it's obvious we're going to get to know them as we go along with the tale, rather than having them shoved, fully-formed, down our throats in episode #1. I want to know what happens next - and no comic can ask for higher praise (at least from me).

I hate comparisons, so I'm not going to drag in the names of well-known comics creators who might have given you inspiration. "Nether" is more than capable of standing on its own merits, and if I'm any judge at all it deserves to succeed in a big way."

Rafael Kayanan--

C.D. Regan did it.
He became a World Builder...
In his book 'Nether', Regan delivers a tale that slowly envelops the reader with it's witty dialogue, solid pacing and lush captions. The dark tonal linework reminds me of old etchings harkening to the tunnel art prints by Henry Moore. One can almost see the shadows slither on the ancient ruins.

There's a grittiness to the whole book that's lost on many from this genre. All too often they lack the depth and have that over polished slickness, looking fake or cold. Regan's succeeds in making the fantastic convey textures which reference the real world. 'Nether' is an unpolished diamond and that's where the appeal lies. You can see the small sparkles peeking out
and the more we learn about the Age of Maga the more we're thankful young talents like C.D. Regan chose not to abandon this dwindling industry of comics.

Comics need wonderful tales like 'Nether' if they want to attract new readers into this medium. He populates his story with interesting multi-layered characters and scenarios. His depictions of skirmish are tough, riveting and fresh. Regan dares to tread into the minefield of the fantastic- more dangerous to the creative mind than the impact of a set of Robert Jordan hardbacks dropped from a high altitude. Veterans of role playing or computer generated games escape into the best of these worlds, seeking out those moments when all is cool and fun.

Keep your eyes out for C.D. Regan's 'Nether' - it delivers that.

Christopher Moeller--

"Wow, ... outstanding work, man! The story is cool, deep, textured, intelligent. It rocks!"

"Overall, an excellent piece of work, Chuck. ... I think the story is lovely. Very calm and clear storytelling, hints at a larger backstory (man after my own heart), interesting and compelling characters. The character design, visually, is very nice. The lettering and sound effects are clear and unobtrusive. A terriffic package, you should be proud."

Bill Sienkiewicz--

“I checked out your site and am am proud to have been even a small inspiration to you in your creative arc. The fact that you're doing your own work (especially now, when comics sales in general are just plain bad,) speaks volumes in and of itself about your commitment to the medium and to your personal voice. Your work is raw in some cases, perfectly executed in others, and definitely has a passion and clarity to it. you're only going to get better and better.
I wish you great success .”

Brendan and Brian Fraim--

"Chuck Regan is one of those few artists working in comics today that when you look at his art, you say to yourself, “How does he do that?!” Chuck’s newest creation, NETHER, is currently nothing more than a small noise in a very large, overcrowded room full of a sameness that bores the eye, and the mind. NETHER is a breath of fresh air in this stuffy room that has a richness in its characters, a boldness in its design, monsters and demons that are as scary as hell, and an atmosphere that makes you believe these twisted landscapes can, and do, exist. NETHER is a noise that deserves to be heard."

C J Henderson--

"The writing is top notch here. The concepts are well-thought out, and incredibly well explained for a first issue... you have tight, involving stories that are worth any comic reader's time."


Scott Higdon--

"This is going to be an interesting story. It's a lot deeper than your average comic, so I'm taking my time reading the prologues and everything on the website. What really grabbed me looking at it in the store was the very beautiful art, which seems to somehow manage to be both realistic and other-worldly at the same time. "

Anthony Perconti--

"After I put down the first issue, I really felt a sense of wonder- like any good fantasy should. It gave off a vibe like reading something from Moorcock or watching Yojimbo...its like Tim Truman and Tolkein remaking Seven Samurai."

Michael T. Bradley--

"This really is an enjoyable comic, especially if you like a lot of detail in your fantasy worlds. If you like Jordan, or Goodkind, etc. etc. etc. (Tolkien, of course), or hell, even just playing D&D, then you'll probably enjoy this finely polished gem."

---- as it appeared on GRAYHAVEN ONLINE ----

" When I reviewed the first issue of this comic for my own site, I wrote (see above) With Issue #2 of NETHER: THE AGE OF MAGA this still holds true. Regan is putting more time and efforts into this quarterly comic than most people currently do.

For example, on his website, you can find an intensely detailed prologue (over a dozen parts long and still growing!), detailed maps of the world, a SOUNDTRACK(!), and much, much more! Regan is a world-builder, and he obviously loves doing this.

In NETHER #2, we get the same beautiful-and-less-muddied artwork as was presented in Issue #1 (I complained that things were a bit tough to distinguish because of all the dark colors in Issue #1, but Regan seems to have solved that problem). If Regan DOESN'T use charcoal, I don't know how he achieves this book’s look, as everything ends up having a sandblasted, scorched look—which is perfect for the post-apocalyptic world in which these demons live.

NETHER #2 is much more action-oriented than the first issue, which focused more on atmosphere and history. But now that we've got the basics out of the way, we're hip-deep into the story (which looks to be ready to run for a LOOOONG time). I can't wait to have five or six of these comics and be able to sit down and immerse myself in the experience that is NETHER."


Luke Zitlofsky--

"Awesome, awesome book thus far. I love the characters and really cannot wait to see the story as well as the cast develop more and more."

Peter L-

Nether was AWESOME. The art is VERY unusual for my comic style but I fell in love with it halfway through Nether. It compliments the dark mood and awareness and constant threat.

The character development is splendid, and the form of the narrarator is excellent, how he's part of the group and yet not completely. The variety of characters is well balanced. Cymryl is my favorite, a loner almost and like an assasin. Bardo/Vel open a whole new door with the twin personality. Kepf-a master mage - GREAT. Bardo- an honourable warrior with the symbiote - a nice touch. The whole telepathic connection is a great idea unxplored in most comics to such a degree.

Overall, great, great comic.I will buy 2 of each issue, 1 to keep in mint condition and the other to read. I do NOT do this with ANY other comic, including Warlands which I LOVE.

D. Emerson Eddy (d-generation website)-

"I know that dark fantasy isn't for everyone, but if you do like it, or if you like CrossGen's titles for their story rather than their art or production, you'd probably be well-served to check out Nether: the Age of Maga. I know I'll be looking for the third issue when it hits stands."

(read the complete review here)

Jim Keplinger-

"I was exceptionally pleased by Nether the Age of Maga by C.D. Regan, a dark tale of the apocalyptic future with some of the most beautiful and moving art in an indy comic for several years."

(part of a review of the 2002 Mid Ohio Con)

Piermaria Maraziti (from Italy)-

"Extremely intriguing."

Dara Naraghi (

"Still Kicking Myself for Not Trying This Book When it First Came Out award - An incredibly original take on the fantasy genre that totally chucks out the cliché elements and kicks you upside the head with great characters and moody artwork."

(Read the entire comments on his 2002 awards page here)

Ed Cunard (Comic World News)-

"If anything, books like this demonstrate the variety of writing and artistic styles in the comic book market, and provide hope for the future of the industry."

(Read the entire review here)


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