Welcome to the Prologue to Nether: the Age of Maga. This prologue was originally going to appear in the printed comic in the form of various flashbacks, but as I continued to produce the pages of the comic, I realized that much of the background story should be seen ahead of time.

I hope to accomplish two things by showing you this prologue: first, to introduce the world of Nether to you - I have been constantly in production for the last six years, scripting, mapping, sketching, and plotting a complex world that I hope you will enjoy exploring; and second, to maintain my own enthusiasm for the project by updating this prologue monthly... or at least, trying to...

The style of illustrations that follow the INTRODUCTION is varied, depending on what is going on that week - how much time I have, etc. The focus is not on the artwork here - the illustrations are rough sketches in places. You get the idea.


This introduces the characters in an 8-page comic story.

Continued (text with art):

In this industry, it is easy to lose heart in the wake of declining sales and discouraging rejections from struggling publishers, so when you are done reading the prologue, please give me some feedback. I would like to know what you did and did not enjoy.

Thanks very much. If this still wasn't enough for you, please take a look around at the other features listed at the bottom of the page.

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