CD Regan began his career back in grade school when it was un-cool to draw characters and logos from science fiction movies. Many notebook doodles later, a tour of a local comic book company in Norristown, PA (Comico) when he was 14 unleashed the urge to create comics. He has been struggling ever since.

After college, Regan was published in Cry For Dawn (No. 4), Caliber Press (High Caliber, Petit Mal, Sinergy), and Comic Zone (some gorey stuff). Later, he co-created, scripted and illustrated The Confessor, under the imprint of Dark Matter Press, the project from which Nether was born.

On the side, Regan has had several magazine and role-playing game illustrations published, as well as quite a few Web sites and comic book logo designs to his name. He also finds it distressing to write about himself in the third person.

Inside the mind of NETHER's creator, CD REGAN...
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