Much of the past remains in question as to what is true, and what has become a colorful mythology created to encourage strength and a hunger for survival in the Natives of Earth. All that we have are the stories handed down for 400 generations of frightened people who struggled to survive in a world that underwent dramatic changes. This document will attempt to summarize what has been deigned historical fact. The rest is left to the section on Mythology (coming soon).

Scholars know much of how the world existed before the Gloaming Time; when science ruled the mind, everyone listened to machines that spoke, and vehicles that traveled faster than the wind, and farther than the moon. Libraries are still well maintained to this day regarding those times. It was a time of great potential for the technologies the world thrived upon, and a dark age for the spirit of Humanity.

The next 400 years is what remains in question:

The Gloaming Time (Age of Maga: Year 0-150)

The Gloaming Time began with a plague. It spread quickly and thoroughly, spreading across the globe in a matter of weeks. It was a plague that is known today as the Demonpox.

The Demonpox first manifested as strong hallucinations, followed by violent nausea and finally, the spirit separated involuntarily from the body. The bodies piled up in the streets of the cities across the world. Those that managed to survive the plague were soon met with more dire problems; the "dead" bodies rose up to destroy the survivors. This was not, however, the intended end result of the Demonpox.

It has been speculated that certain figures in today’s mythologies were responsible for stifling the full intensity of the Demonpox from manifesting. The intended result of the plague was to replace the ousted spirits of the Humans with the spirits of soldiers from the Outer Realms. Four Demon Lords: Scaben, Czir, Klalech, and Chobo, orchestrated the invasion of Earth by introducing the Demonpox - a microscopic infectious gateway to the Outer Realms. The spirits of their soldiers were meant to occupy the bodies of the fallen Humans, and then as one force, scour the Earth clean of its natives, to gain ultimate control and then exploit this world’s resources for themselves. Something or someone stopped this last stage.

The Guardian’s barrier around the Earth had failed to filter out the Demonpox, but solidified at this time in history to cut off the transfer of the soldiers’ spirits, as well as temporarily isolate the Earth from other Outer World influences. This barrier was raised not by the Guardian, Gomwe, but by some ancient magick, rited by either Grie or some other Magan of the time; perhaps some person who will forever remain unknown to us that died in the act of saving the Earth from a worse fate.

The bodies of the fallen peoples of the Earth did rise up again, but with no spirit within - only the most primitive consciousness drove them. The pseudo-conscious bodies shambled about the streets, acting out the half-remembered lives they once had. The spirits that were evicted from the flesh remained in a confused state of limbo - haunting the cities in which they lived - eventually to become the chaotic spirits we know as the Bogen.

There was a small percentage of soldiers that managed to complete their journey into their Human hosts however, and they eventually organized themselves and directed the armies of the animated bodies to exterminate the surviving Humans.

The First Wave (AOM: 5?-25?)

Once the fully manifested soldiers organized themselves at the site of what is now the City-In-The-Sea, they orchestrated the wiping out of the remaining Humans. In the next twenty or so years, the First Wave spread across the Continent from the Eastern Ocean to the Western Lands - culling all the Human survivors of the plague that they could find.

The effort was as successful as could be expected when employing an army of walking corpses. Each attack left the controlling Demons exhausted from the effort; many Humans escaped the attacks and traveled to the outskirts of the Demon’s areas of influence.

The Demons spread their armies across the Continent, but reinforced themselves at the City-In-The-Sea. There, they focused the chaotic energies from the disembodied Human spirits left in that once highly populated city and created a partial gateway. This gateway allowed only limited passage of the spirits of the soldiers waiting to cross over from the Outer Realms. Over time, the gateway grew more efficient; more spirits crossed over to inhabit the Human bodies, and the armies of Demons grew. Estimated size is just under 10,000 by the year AOM 25.

The Demon Lords in charge of the invasion still had great difficulty connecting to their soldiers on the Earth. They attempted to find a way of widening the gateway to allow a less constricted flow of energies between their realms and Earth. A wider gateway meant greater access and a quicker assimilation of this world’s resources. The difficulty they encountered cost the Demon Lords a great deal - many of their soldiers were lost in the transfer to Earth - stuck in a place of Void. Of those that did cross over, some were given the task of seeking out natives of the Earth with the capacity to channel the energies of this world’s elements to open the gateway further. One of them found Dav.

From his home city somewhere in the regions along the Eastern Ocean, Dav developed methods of channeling Earth elements into weapons against the invaders. Ironically, a demonic agent taught him more about these methods which became the backbone for the rebellion’s elite forces in the years that followed.

That agent was sent to exploit the innate abilities of Dav, and fool him into reopening the Earth barrier to allow the invasion to continue. In the process of training him to become a vessel to channel greater degrees of Earth elements, Dav merged this energy training with his knowledge of martial arts and developed the basics for what has become Tavak Dav - a movement maga that has become the standard fighting style for the Rebellion’s forces.

The demonic agent, Imtorqua Noth - an agent of the Demon Lord, Chobo - held a symbiotic union with a young woman named Karel. Somehow, the sybiosis occurred while Karel’s spirit still inhabited her body. She and her Demon became the lover of Dav, and they combined their knowledge with Dav’s abilities and reinforced the Earth Barrier against further invasion. They then traveled to find other survivors and organize the movement against the demons.

The Great Reclamation (AOM 7?-450)

By now (AOM 7?), several thousand Demons had travelled through the gateway to Earth. When Dav and Karel reinforced the barrier - in effect, closing the gateway - the Demons were cut off from their support systems, and the Demon Lords lost all contact with their soldiers. This caused much chaos within the armies of the invaders - several groups broke off in the years that followed to follow their own means of survival on Earth.

Fragmented in this way, the Demons adapted to Earth’s environment and developed a variety of magas that depended upon the Earth’s elements instead of the Outer Realm’s elements. Some tribes of Demons rebelled from those who tried to maintain the established patterns of their Demon Lords, and departed completely from their masters’ plans to exploit the Earth - later allying themselves with the forces of the rebellion. Most followed their orders and continued with the extermination of the Humans.

Dav and Karel, traveled along the Eastern Ocean Coast and began to organize a small, but effective army. They attacked Demon camps, and quickly learned other techniques adapted from the Demonic magas.

Camps of Demons became more established along the route from the City-In-The-Sea to the Western Lands, and they spread outward North and South. The tribe loyal to Chobo that remained in the City-In-The-Sea continued to try to reopen the gateway by lowering the Earth’s barrier. They sought out Earth Magans again, but this time, offered rewards for assistance instead of deception. Apparently, someone stepped foreward; the gateway became active again in approximately the year AOM15. The Earth Barrier was open once again. Lucius, the brother of Gomwe, has been accused of this treachery.

The same year, Dav led his small army in an attack on the City-In-The-Sea. They were successful in gaining control of the city and its gateway, but at the cost of Karel. It is believed that she was killed at that battle along with her unborn child. Popular mythology claims that she was stolen away through the gateway and has since been held prisoner somewhere in Chobo’s realm.

In light of this great loss, Dav focused on a vicious retaliation on all Earthbound Demons. His trained armies erased all Demonic presence on the Eastern Coast and then moved westward.

The Land Erupts (AOM 25-135)

Magans concur that AOM 25-135 was the century of chaos. A geologic shift occurred; one third of the world was flooded, storms raged across the land, mountain ranges rose up where there were none, and chasms engulfed entire forests and cities. It is believed that the stress on the Earth Barrier affected the Elementals - irritating them into a frenzy of activity. The Earth was restructuring itself.

Forces Combine (AOM 50?)

Dav continued his campaign to eliminate the Demons from the Earth. The Great Reclamation was well underway despite the climactic changes of the Earth and the growing degrees of Demon activity.

Dav cut through every Outer Realm creature he and his army encountered. Some journals kept by soldiers in Dav’s company remark that his ways were cold and exact. Passionless and precise. Dav claimed that he had summoned an elemental into his being - Naraka, the Dragon. There has been no documented use of Naraka’s name prior to that moment in approximately the year AOM 50.

Somewhere in the midst of Dav’s attacks, Dav met Grie. Grie’s history prior to this point is the subject of much speculation and storytelling. He had been blinded in a ritualized mutilation by Lucius - or one of his followers - as part of the blood maga that opened the Barrier the first time. Popular myths claim that Grie was later transformed by Gomwe to be the inheritor of the Guardianship of the Earth.

Stories of Grie surface throughout the Western Lands of this blind healer and mystic who taught a gentle path of balance and understanding for all beings. Tales tell that he learned of Dav’s attacks on the Demons and sought him out for the sake of the Balance of the Earth.

Dav and Grie combined their knowledge and skills. Grie brought greater understanding of the Outer Realms and of other energies that could be utilized in the Reclamation. He introduced Dav to the idea that allies could be found in the Outer Realms. Grie had explored outside of the Earth and connected to some forces that were sympathetic to the Human struggle.

As Grie’s beliefs took hold, the Rebellion began to appreciate some Outer Realm assistance. Some tribes of Demons (Ferals, being one) joined the Rebellion, and fought side by side with the more tolerant tribes of Human rebels.

The foe Demons retreated to the Western Lands. Under the growing threat of extinction by the forces of the Rebellion, some of the scattered tribes of Demons reassembled with their kin, and fortified cities out of the ruins of the old cities. There, the Demons concentrated once again on opening a gateway - debatably for escape.

Evidently, before Dav took control of the City-In-The-Sea, a spore from that gateway was taken. Many stories have been told about all of the hands that this Netherspore passed through before it took root at the Dusky Sea. It took almost 100 years to find its final place, and another 200 years for it to grow to full potency. This spore survived the journey to the Demon fortress on the shores of the Dusky Sea. Another gateway was being created, once again, by one of Chobo’s tribes.

The Plague Continues

The Demons continued to increase their numbers. The original few thousand soldiers who initially crossed over into Human bodies during the Gloaming Time still carried the most potent form of the Demonpox. They were revered among their progeny as the parents of the entire Earthbound Demon culture.

These "parents" led their "children" into the repopulated Human areas and infected village after village. These infected Humans then inherited the spirits of the soldiers still waiting to cross over from the Void states (those who did not venture off into other realms). The Demonpox simulated a microscopic version of a gateway, and allowed the spirits to invade the Human forms and change them from within.

Tribes of Demons began to develop specific forms. Tribal markings as well as facial and body structure were altered to defile their original Human host forms - this art is known as fleshcrafting. There were several hundred different tribes roaming about - all from different parents, all with different forms.

Grie and the Soldiers of the Moon

As the populations of Demons and Humans continued to grow, so did the number of encounters between them. Grie saw this as the potential to teach each other about the others’ worlds, and attempted a campaign of enlightenment.

Grie had been gathering soldiers for this particular task, and training them in more intensive and esoteric methods of channeling Earth energies. Eventually departing from Dav’s armies, Grie’s elite force began to call themselves the "Shinn", which in some ancient language means "action" . Grie intended to initiate the active force that would push the Great Reclamation towards what he believed was an inevitable understanding between all beings - True Balance.

Grie taught the way of Balance, as well as strength. He felt that when one is in touch with the True Balance of the Macrocosm, one can use that to guide one’s actions - and the truest balance allowed the channeling of great energies.

The Shinn accompanied Grie deep into the hostile territories of the Demons where they attempted to spread truth and understanding - to unite all sentient beings that occupied the Earth. More often than not, however, the encounters resulted in bloodshed. The Shinn were not discouraged. Grie’s message was deeply rooted in their motivation.

The Shinn continue to exist to this day. Although their true numbers are not known, popular myth claims that of the several thousand believed to exist on Earth, there are thousands more who have ascended beyond their physical forms and continue to bring balance to the Macrocosm on many other worlds. Some of these enlightened Shinn have become the possible inheritors of the Guardianship of the Earth, protecting the Guardian’s Citidel from invasion. Others are rumored to have vanished into the deeper realms in the search of Truth.

To be Continued…

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