Nether: the Soundtrack is currently in production. The soundtrack will be available sometime in 2003 (?) and can be used to complement the reading of the comic, or just to experience the atmosphere of the world whenever you want. Scott Affleck is the composer and this will be his breakout work.

Click here for samples.


T-shirts will become available sometime in 2003, including one design with the mannikins, another with the group in an action pose.

Hype: Here is a photo of me and some of the guests at Creepcon--

(TOP, L to R) Phil Mallon - CreepCon Organizer; Chris Stavrakis, sculptor and actor; Me ; Michonne Bourriague - Aurra Sing from Star Wars Episode 1; Brian Rood, fantasy artist; Virginia Hey - Farscape's Blue Priestess, Zhaan and Warrior Woman from Road Warrior; (FRONT, L to R): Josh Booth, CreepCon promoter; Leonard Lies, Dawn of the Dead's Machete Zombie; and Jerome Blake, one of the federation viceroys from Star Wars Episodes 1 & 2.


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