Cambal spent fifteen years of his life in the libraries of the Cleic Monks. The order of Cleic Monks are well established in the Western Lands, and have gathered knowledge of the changes in the Earth after the invasion. Cambal takes the hunger for knowledge that was instilled in him by the monks and gathers objects and stories that he encounters on his journeys.

He carries a weapon that was created in the outer worlds - an intelligent, organic shield-arm that is very powerful and versatile. Many times, it has saved Cambal from an embarrasing demise, but the weapon's potential has not yet begun to be tapped.

Kibber, Cambal's faithful dog, pulls Cambal's collection of objects and journals.

Kepf is a mysterious character. His knowledge of things both esoteric and Earthly are seemingly without bounds.

He is at some times patient and gentle, other times inhumanly feirce.

His powers to heal are astonishing, as is his knowledge and applications of subtle energies and combat magic.

Mabin is an old soldier with the soul of a hero.

Once a member of the Knights of the Golden Dawn, Mabin was banished after he took on symbiotes to enhance his abilities. The Knights are well known for their superior swordsmanship and armor crafting. Mabin still wears his uniform to warn enemies of his skills.

Cymryl was a proud warrior of the Northern Tribes. During the Battle of the Dusky Sea, he became the conduit of energies he still struggles to contain. He was a mercinary assassin until he joined the group.

Bardo, despite his malformed appearance, is very kind. He bears the marks of someone who has lived with a symbiote for many years, even though he has only had Vel, his symbiote, for five years.

Vel provides Bardo with enhanced speed, senses, and strength, but is slowly claiming Bardo's soul.

Savan is a deonid, a creature older than the Earth, and with abilities far beyond any magan.

He is both a slave, and the warpriest of the demon lord, Klalech.

(First appearance: Issue 2)

Kole was a student of the Shinn - the mythical "Soldiers of the Moon" who channel elemental energies through their primitive weapons.

His weapon hosts the spirit of an ancient consciousness which helps guide him.

(First appearance: Prologue)

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