A fleet-footed bird approximately 7-8 feet tall is the preferred form of transportation in the Northern tribes. Dromids use their beaks, powerful legs and vestigial clawed wings to defend themselves.


Brought to Earth by Outer Realm merchants, these insect-like creatures secrete a foamy substance that hardens into a very strong and light plastic. Architects bond to these creatures to create astonishing buildings.


This species of carnivorous bear is also known as the "godbear" by the Northern tribes. The kaboch can grow to 9 feet tall, and have long legs built for running.


Sometimes purchased as "watchdogs", the mephil are highly sensitive and attack with their vicious psychic venom. All mephil are 4 feet in circumference.


A carnivorous dog-like rodent about 2-3 feet from tail to nose. The rockdogs often run in packs of 10, and have been seen killing prey 4 times their size.


Found in the forests of the middle continent, they live in the rotting wood of fallen trees, feeding on insects. Woodcrabs are a staple food source for the locals. About 6-8 inches in length.


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